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A little background...
For 30 years, I've been immersed in working with energy, whether it's troubleshooting electrical energy in machines and circuit boards or delving into subtle energy within the human mind and body.

In 2004, I made a significant career shift after 10 years. I left my position as an Electronics Technician in the Semiconductor Industry and took an entrepreneurial leap into the realm of Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work. This transition later ignited my passion for Energy Strategy Coaching.

Want to be an energetically smart Entrepreneur or Business Professional?
Break the Overthinking > Overwhelm > Burnout Cycle with Future-Focused Frameworks™.

When your brain is focused and your body is relaxed, you synchronize with your business efforts faster.

Experience the transformative impact of Energy Strategy Coaching, where you'll receive a specialized collection of Future-Focused Frameworks™ tailored for your business. With a positive and empowering approach, I'll help you visualize and navigate the effects of well-managed thoughts and emotions, leading to reduced stress and more effective actions on your entrepreneurial journey.

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