Suzanne Michelle-Fox has been working with Energy for 29 years, whether troubleshooting electrical energy in machines and circuit boards, or working with subtle energy in the human mind and body. 

In 2004, Suzanne traded her 10 year Electronics Technician position in the Semiconductor Industry to venture out and into the world of the Healing Arts. Despite her fear of the unknown, and after considering the risk of leaving behind a stable career path and professional status, she took an entrepreneurial leap of faith into the world of Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work, which later awakened her passion for Energy Strategy Coaching. 

Today, Suzanne blends her energy skill set, wisdom, and experience, setting her apart in the coaching arena. She guides purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs on how to have energy mastery in their business and life using Energy Strategy Tools™.

When Suzanne is not in nature, hiking around in the Idaho foothills or along the river with her husband, Nathen, and best dog friend, Izzie, she is usually reading or studying about the mysteries of all things, seeking to connect the energetic dots of Life.

Connect with Suzanne:

E-Mail: [email protected]

YouTube: www.youtube.com/SuzanneMichelleFox

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuzanneMichelleFox

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/SuzanneMichelleFox 





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