When Suzanne Michelle Fox is not in nature, hiking around in the Idaho foothills or along the river with her furry dog friend, Izzie, she is usually reading and studying all things metaphysical and mystical, seeking to connect the energetic dots of Life. 

For 17 years, her clients have benefitted from her unique blend of healing touch, intuitive insight, and personal and professional transformation. She has a deep understanding of how energy works and the knowledge was born from a 10-year electronics technology career. Two diverse careers in a span of 27 years brings a wealth of knowledge, along with humble leadership, to help her clients navigate the challenges and complexities of life.

Her experience and certifications in the healing arts, along with an electronics degree, helped her to connect the energetic dots to give her the perspective that the human mind and body is really the ultimate electrical machine. She believes the deep energetic connection with oneself is the conduit that impacts and informs all aspects of our life, which includes relationships, health, business, and purpose.

Suzanne continues to thrive in her growing practice, grounded with intuitive knowledge and insight as your personal and professional transformation guide.

Connect with Suzanne:

e-mail [email protected]

YouTube: www.youtube.com/SuzanneMichelleFox

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuzanneMichelleFox




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