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Applied EnergyStrategyTools

When you understand energy and how it influences your life, you will always know what is required to take the next clear and confident action step. 

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Suzanne Fox coaches Future-Focused Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Power Up ⚡ Your Business + Life with Energy Mastery.








The framework is Energy.

The toolset is EnergyStrategyTools

Get unstuck from the invisible forces hijacking your success so you can get the tangible results you crave.

Powered by Energy.

⚡EnergyStrategyTools™ to get what you think, say, and do in alignment with what matters.

With clear insight, a solution can emerge so you can untangle from the invisible pattern of struggle.


Get unstuck from sabotaging anxiety-inducing thought patterns. You will adopt the art and skill of the Pattern Interrupt. Get focused and land those creative ideas and take action on critical decisions and choice points.


Lead with your true identity so your voice can land with influential impact. Communication flows freely, with the right amount of intensity, at the right time, and you will feel confident and inspired to take aligned action.


Design your environment with your exact requirements. When you have clear "boundaries without walls" and high standards, you build the capacity to resource what is required to get the results you crave. 



At the root and heart of everything you desire is driven by what matters to you. When you know why you do what you do, you will be able to make powerful moves and take inspired action in the direction of your dreams and goals. 

⚡EnergyStrategyTools™ for Future-Focused Entrepreneurs & Professionals

"Suzanne's deep embodiment of what she teaches in the field of energetics, & transparently holding you accountable to the process, is truly what makes her the most phenomenal coach I've worked with. I am a lifelong student, & will continue to refer back to her teachings to use on the field of life. I am forever grateful for her mentoring. Here's to a totally kick ass 2023!!"

Direct Sales

"There are many coaches to help you elevate your game. I had never found that one that made me say, "This is the person I HAVE to work with!" until I met Suzanne. Suzanne has a deep understanding of energetics and can teach you how to work through your energy to uplevel."

Business Owner

"Suzanne is magic. I have watched her grow in her craft for many years and she just gets even more and more grounded in her work. I am honored to witness her evolution and call her Friend and Soul Sister."

Trauma Counselor


Learn how to access and leverage your natural gifts to solve issues, make decisions, and take inspired action.