Your next•level breakthrough is on the other side of Energy Mastery. 

When you understand energy and how it influences your life, you will always know what is required to take the next clear and confident action step. 

⚡NextLevel Energy Tools™ give you the deeper insights and knowledge required to make powerful moves so you can get bigger results from your efforts.

Level Up ⚡

Suzanne Michelle•Fox coaches Leaders|Entrepreneurs|Creators

You will gain the skills required to transform outdated success tactics into a winning game plan with powerful ⚡Next•Level Energy Tools™.








The framework is Energy.

The toolset is NextLevel.

Get unstuck from the invisible forces hijacking your success so you can get the tangible results you crave.

Powered by Energy.

⚡Next•Level Energy Tools™ to align your mind, voice, and body.

When you can see it, you can fix it. When you untangle from the invisible pattern of struggle, you will be free to actualize your dreams and goals.


Get unstuck from sabotaging anxiety-inducing thought patterns. You will adopt the art and skill of bending time in your favor. You will discover how to pattern interrupt the big hand of your internal clock to shift and influence the external timeline of your destiny. You will gain insight on what you can control in real-time.


Be understood through clear communication and alleviate unnecessary misunderstandings. Your voice will land with influential impact. You will gain skills to speak to the right person, with the right amount of intensity, at the right time, so you can be inspired to take aligned and right action.


Navigate Life's uncertainties with confident expectations. You will design the elements of your environment with your exact requirements. When you have clear boundaries and high standards, you build the capacity to resource what is required to get the results you crave. 



Invest in healthy connections and restore lost energy to your mind, voice, and body. You will embody your worth and you will never sell-out again. You will always know who you are and what you stand for, without compromise. What you invest in, will return exponential gains.

⚡Next•Level Energy Tools™ for Leaders|Entrepreneurs|Creators


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